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Pope Francis: Bethlehem reminds us of the children suffering in the Holy Land

The children, who pay the heaviest price for war said Pope Francis in Saint Peter's Square.

Desperate community asks Christian Salesian Sisters to stay in war-struck Sudan

The house of the Christian Salesian Sisters has been recently bombed in war-torn Sudan

Christians denounce appalling Hamas attack on Israel

Christians have joined in the condemnation of a major Hamas attack on Israel

Al-Shabaab peace offer threatens Christian minority

Al-Shabab offers peace deal to the US government, but the cost would be the eradication of Somalia's entire Christian minority

Russian hieromonk was sentenced to jail for opposing the war in Ukraine

Religious leaders are expected to support the war effort by the authorities.

Pope Francis appeals for end to “absurd and cruel” Ukraine war

He has once again called for peace during his Ash Wednesday General Audience.

Ukrainian artists turn instruments of death into life-giving icons

Painters of icons hope that recent gift to King Charles III will lead to more recognition of suffering in Ukraine.

Russian Christians face persecution for refusing to fight in Ukraine

Russia has faced a much larger resistance than expected in Ukraine and is being pushed back in some regions.

Two Russian priests on trial for opposing war in Ukraine

Moscow isn't tolerating any dissent in this matter.