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The highest chapel in Russia has been restored after arson

Built in 2005-2006 at the foot of the Beluha mountain (4509 m) in the Altai, the Saint Michel chapel, established at more than 2000 meters high, commemorates the death of several climbers and rescuers in 2003 on this mountain. Burned down on June 14, 2020, it has just been restored.


At the time in 2005, the trunks of this wooden chapel had been transported by helicopter. The chapel, erected by public subscription, had become a place of pilgrimage for climbers from all over Russia.

The man who burned down the chapel considered himself to be an animist sorcerer (shaman). He was also known to set a Buddhist altar made of colored ribbons on fire – local residents then beat him up and ordered him not to appear near Beluha Mountain. 

He also killed a homeless man, then drew his blood in a jar he wanted to take to Mount Beluha.


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