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Vandals threw explosives on a church in Germany

The police are seeking witnesses to find the perpetrators.

A German church was rioted by vandals

The police have started an investigation into this particularly serious case of theft and damage to property.

Activists vandalised a church hosting a new year’s eve event

A glass window was also found broken spray painted.

A Molotov cocktail was thrown into a German church

The police opened an investigation with the video.

An Orthodox church was set on fire in Russia

The vandals also broke down the gate to the bridge leading to the temple.

A Swiss church was brutally vandalised

The exact motive of the perpatrator remains unknown

A German church was looted and set ablaze

Perpetrators reportedly also smeared feces throughout in the church’s interior.

A man threw stones at a chapel in Poland

The victims estimated the losses at several hundred euros.

Young vandals with bicycles set a church on fire in Italy

The local priest from Pionca, Don Fernando Fiscon, preferred not to comment on the incident

A church and a cemetary have been vandalized in Belgium

"It's a disgrace", commented Carine de Saint-Martin, the mayor.