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Arson and vandalism reported in a French church

On May 14, piles of benches were gathered and ignited in front of the choir at the church of Sainte-Thérèse in Poitiers. Additionally, vandals beheaded a statue of Mary.


The fire brigade mobilized significant resources to extinguish the fire, swiftly bringing it under control. Burnt and partially charred benches and chairs were subsequently removed from the church.

“At 11 am, I had a scheduled meeting with a fire safety officer,” explained the delegate overseeing material affairs. “Upon opening the sacristy, just as I was about to approach the choir, he advised against it. The church was filled with smoke. Being a former Paris fireman, he promptly took the necessary precautions.”

Moreover, a statue of Mary, situated adjacent to the choir, was discovered with its head severed. This incident mirrors a similar occurrence in 2022 when other statues beside the Marian statue were also found decapitated.





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