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Church smeared with eggs, glue and excrement in the UK

Vandalism has plagued Rivertown Church in Shotton, with incidents escalating over recent weeks. Initially, the rear door was targeted with eggs and this was followed by acts of smearing glue and dog excrement on the same door.


The church has suffered additional damage, including tampering with locks and destruction of interior seating. These distressing events have deeply affected the volunteers and the church community, especially considering the church’s role as a vital community hub.

Chris Bryne, an elder of Rivertown Church, detailed the extent of the damage, noting instances of super glue being applied to locks and key safes, resulting in the replacement of multiple locks and the need for CCTV installation at significant expense. Windows were defaced with super glue, and interior chairs were slashed, compounding the financial strain on the church, which hosts essential charities and services such as Citizens Advice, a refugee support group, Warm Wales, and free lunch groups.

The vandalism poses a serious threat to these services, which support individuals affected by various challenges, including financial hardship, loneliness, homelessness, and addiction.

The impact of these actions extends beyond monetary concerns. With approximately 100 individuals accessing services at the church each week, including vulnerable members of the community relying on free lunches and coffee mornings, the potential disruption caused by ongoing vandalism is deeply troubling. There are fears that further damage could jeopardize the church’s ability to continue providing these vital services, potentially leading to increased costs for room hire and undermining the church’s mission to serve the community.

While investigations are underway, North Wales Police emphasized the significance of Rivertown Church as a cherished community hub, highlighting its role in providing a safe space and essential services for individuals of all backgrounds and ages in Shotton. The vandalism not only threatens the physical integrity of the church but also undermines its crucial function as a beacon of support and inclusion within the community.





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