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An Islamist tried to kill a Christian convert in the UK

Alid forcibly entered Nouri's bedroom, shouting "Allahu Akbar" before stabbing him.

Church smeared with eggs, glue and excrement in the UK

North Wales Police emphasized the significance of Rivertown Church as a cherished community hub.

Scottish "hate speech" bill likely to limit freedom of religion

Criticism from human rights groups centers on the Act's vague language.

The UK includes "anti-abortion" narratives as "terrorist threat"

The intolerance for prolife stances is increasing across Western Europe.

Teaching assistant wins a legal case after being fired for street preaching

The school decided to settle the case and pay the man £7,000 (around 8,800 USD) in compensation instead of going to trial.

A Christian worker was fired for refusing to work during Sunday service

She claims the supermarket chain fired her because she refused demands to work every Sunday morning.

A Scottish MP left her party for "feeling unwelcome as a Christian"

Dr Cameron voted against the new abortion regime for Northern Ireland and opposes euthanasia.

A preacher could be jailed for holding a sign with a Bible verse

The man pleaded not guilty to breaking the public spaces protection order (PSPO).

Britain's first Faith Museum opens in Bishop Auckland

To revive the traditions and history of art and religion, Britain's first Faith Museum opened on Saturday the 7th of October.

A church was set on fire in England

According to the police, security measures will be needed to prevent this kind of anti-social behaviour.