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Europe is on high alert due to Christmas terror plots

French authorities say there's a "very high level of terrorist threat from Islamic terrorists"

Why do we need classical European culture? A Polish point of view

Classical European culture is under attack. Here is why we should stand in its defence.

Viktor Orbán Praised the HHP in an interview with 'Der Stern'

Viktor Orbán is against the extension of Islam in Hungary.

Catholic Church in Belgium sees rise in adult baptisms

The number of adult baptisms has grown steadily from 143 in 2010, to 180 in 2015, to more than 300 in 2020.

Hungarian-Polish Humanitarian Agreement - Organisations joining the noble cause

In addition to the Polish-Hungarian governmental parties, ecclesiastical and charitable institutions take part in the cooperation.

Turkey will cover Hagia Sophia mosaics with lasers during prayers

Istanbul’s ancient Hagia Sophia will be covered by curtains or lasers during times of Muslim prayer, Erdogan's spokesman said

'Yoga has no place in the life of Christians' rules Greek Orthodox Church

The decision, made at a recent synod meeting in Athens, came about after reports of a rise in the number of people using yoga

New streaming service will offer films inspired by Christianity

VatiVision to focus on “quality contributions to art, culture and faith.”

Trianon 100 - Disastrous treaty commemorated by the ringing of 15,000 bells

Today, at 4.30 pm, thousands of bells across the Carpathian Basin signalled the moment Hungary lost 67% of its territory in 1920.

Pastoral activity will resume in Fatima

The Fatima sanctuary was opened last Tuesday after a period of restrictions introduced due to the coronavirus pandemic.