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Viktor Orbán praised the HHP in an interview with ‘Der Stern’

The interview was originally published in the German ’Der Stern’ journal, on the 4th of February, with the title: "Mr Orban, what would you do if your daughter had a Muslim boyfriend?”

Viktor Orbán is against the extension of Islam in Hungary and wants to remain in the European Union, but he himself does not succumb to outside influences. The interview took place in the building of an ancient abbey, situated in the Buda Castle.

Der Stern: Recently, a politician of the “Mi Hazánk” extreme right-wing party publicly destroyed a storybook, because the book included members of minorities, such as homosexual people. After that, you addressed the following words to homosexuals: “Leave our children alone!”. What did you mean by that?

Viktor Orbán: The sexual education of children is the remit of their parents. Children should not be exposed to sexual propaganda in kindergarten and primary school. They must develop freely, without intervention; we have to let them unfold their own personalities and sexual identities.

Der Stern: Why is the presentation of minorities sexual propaganda?

Viktor Orbán: This book does not represent the existence of a minority, but contains stories that include sexual propaganda, that aim to influence the development of the children’s personality. What else would be their purpose? In Hungary there are limits. Most of the people agree with me. We are tolerant, but we want our children to develop freely.

Der Stern: Is this, and your opinion about the question of refugees, in harmony with your Christian ideology? After all, the refugees are coming from zones of war, where their lives are in danger.

Viktor Orbán: I believe so: I am against every political ideology that wants these people to believe that all of their problems will be solved if they come here. Otherwise, everybody will come to Europe, travelling on a  journey that is life-threatening. We, Hungarians insist on the regulation of international treaties, according to which refugees with a legitimate reason are admitted to a safe country. But there is no international law, according to which the refugees have the right to choose their country of destination.

Der Stern: Do you want to frighten away the refugees?

Viktor Orbán: Instead of bringing the problem here, we choose to help in the place [where the problem is]. We do not want human traffickers to chase the refugees to death on the Mediterranean sea. That is why we established the Hungary Helps Program, one that is huge compared to the size of our country; helping improve the quality of life by building schools and hospitals in the less developed regions. In my opinion, Europe should set up a Marshall-plan to help the African and the Middle-Eastern countries, where the refugees come from, to make life better there.

Der Stern: Hungary Helps aids persecuted Christians in need. Right now, however, others are suffering as well. How does it affect you?

Viktor Orbán: This affects me as well, and it’s obvious that we have to help war refugees in accordance with UN Conventions— that’s why we have to help Turkey. The EU’s policy of accepting all refugees, however, is way beyond the Geneva Convention.

The new reality in the near future in Western- Europe is that non-Christians minorities will be the majorities. Hungary is lucky because it never had colonies. In Western Europe, the former colonists can’t be so strict, we can allow ourselves more. I think, in the next twenty years, Europe’sbig question will be migration.

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