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Hungarian-Polish Humanitarian Agreement – Organisations joining the noble cause

In addition to the Polish-Hungarian governmental parties and the 'Hungary Helps Programme', ecclesiastical and charitable institutions were also present at the consultations of the humanitarian cooperation agreement. They are willing to take part in the upcoming projects to support the needy and persecuted around the world.


Earlier this week, an important Polish-Hungarian memorandum on cooperation in carrying humanitarian aid was signed in Budapest by Poland’s Deputy Foreign Minister Paweł Jabłoński and Hungary’s Secretary of State for Aid to Persecuted Christians Tristan Azbej. 

The agreement says that both countries will work together in preparing humanitarian and development projects in various parts of the world. Planned undertakings are aimed to curb poverty and develop infrastructure, there are also projects designed to lessen religious conflicts and promote religious tolerance and human rights.

The future work will be controlled by the cooperation of ‘Hungary Helps Programme’ and the Polish Foreign Ministry, however, there are now organisations to help them who were willing to join the noble cause. In addition to the Polish-Hungarian governmental parties, these ecclesiastical and charitable institutions were also present at the consultations.

They are the ‘Hungarian Voluntary Association’ (MÖL), the Caritas Internationalis, which is a humanitarian and development organisation of the Catholic Church, and the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta

                            Some enthusiastic members of the ‘Hungarian Voluntary Association’ – MÖL

The ‘Hungarian Voluntary Association’ (MÖL) is an expanding umbrella organisation that is open to all organisations that base their activities on volunteering. Their members include church, environmental, youth, Roma and cultural organisations from Transylvania, Vojvodina and of course Hungary.

MÖL was formed to create opportunities for volunteers to connect. Through their organisation, members can implement joint projects, team up to achieve their goals, and jointly apply for different resources.

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