Tag: Christian Europe

A record number of Catholics left the Church in Munich

The official figures show that the secularisation of Germany is accelerating.

Will Hagia Sophia become a mosque?

This does not only offend the feelings of Christians, but it is also an offense to the international community and law.

Sheffield Cathedral building damaged by fire in suspected arson attack

It is thought the fire was started deliberately and South Yorkshire Police are treating the incident as a suspected arson attack

Catholic priests, nuns were among those killed by Nazis

Half of all Poland’s Catholic priests, monks and nuns suffered repression during World War II, with more than 2,800 killed.

Bishop Schneider: Coronavirus is causing a ‘catacomb Church’ to emerge

“If the government denies the Church the same rights as they give to a store, then this is discrimination of the religion.”

Hungarian Catholic charity aids twenty-five thousand families

The charity distributed 75 tonnes of food, donated medical equipment, supplied disinfectants, and face masks.

Robert Schuman's vision as a cure for "modern" Europe's moral crisis

Robert Schuman can be a good role model for European Christians of the 21st century in a context of lack of authority figures.

International Eucharistic Congress in Budapest postponed to 2021

The decision was made “because of the current health situation and its consequences for the movement of the faithful and pilgrims”

Pope Francis: the persecution of Christians is "the fury of the devil"

Pope Francis mentioned Pakistani Christian refugee Asia Bibi to illustrate the cruelty of the persecutors of Christian.