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Jailed activist banned from reading the Bible while imprisoned in Vietnam

Luong’s family calls on the international community to help him by demanding the prison to respect his rights while incarcerated.

Chinese textbook distorts Biblical story in order to teach ethics and law

Christians in China have rallied against the distorted story as presented in the textbook.

Indian Christians received three thousand digital Bibles from Open Doors

Through these digital Bibles, illiterate people have the possibility to come to know the Word of God, thanks to the audiobook

Malaysian MP refuses to apologise for calling the Bible "false" and "corrupted"

In Malaysia, Christians make up merely nine per cent of the population; converting a Christian to Islam is a punishable offence

Ark Encounter opens VR experience taking people "back in time" to Noah's Ark

The organisers and managers claim to be “passionate about utilizing VR’s potential to share biblical truth.” 

Biblical Christianity promotes religious freedom

It is the biblical world view that provides the most secure foundation of the right to religious freedom.

Portland rioters burn Bibles and American flag outside federal building

An 18-year-old man was charged for allegedly throwing an explosive device into the entrance of the federal courthouse in Portland.

‘I am rejected in my own house’—Rupa’s determination to follow Jesus in India

Rupa continued to pray: “If God called me at this young age, then let Him use me at this young age.”

Seven Christian converts sentenced in Iran

Recent weeks have shown that we can expect the country to continue in its persecution of Christians.

Christian Group continues to deliver Bibles to North Korea via balloons

VOMK uses pre-filled balloons to carry USB flash drive loaded with official North Korean translations of the Bible.