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Alice Cooper reveals he's a devout Christian who prays and reads Bible"

When he went to the hospital for help and was released Cooper emerged a changed man thanks to his deep spiritual resolve.

Ten Bible translation organisations unite to end "Bible poverty" by 2033

Of the more than six thousand vital languages spoken worldwide, over 3,800 have little or no Scripture translated.

Radical Hindus threaten to sacrifice a Pastor over Bible tracts in India

Violence against Christians northern India  has increased over the last few years.

Beijing is cracking down on Christian businesses

The Chinese Communist regimes fears the spread of Gospel and therefore puts Christians under pressure.

Christian ministry sends 160,000 Bibles and books to China amid persecution

Since 1956, Mission Cry has reached 178 nations with $390 million worth of Bibles and Christian books.

North Koreans are increasingly exposed to Bible despite persecution

North Korea is ranked as the worst persecutor of Christians in the world on Open Door USA's World Watch List.

Sellers of audio Bible players face court in China

The four Christian men are currently detained in Bao’an District Detention Centre.

Christian organisation sends twenty-seven-thousand bibles to Albania

The persecution Albanian Christians are facing is one of the reasons Mission Cry decided to do what they could to help.

Christian astronaut takes Bible on mission to space station

“Before I go and even get in an airplane to go on a flight, I say a prayer, and I always think about my family,” Glover explains.

Several Christians executed for owning a Bible in North Korea

Though adherents of various religions are held in “reeducation” camps, the harshest punishments are faced by Christians.