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Six students were forced to renounce a biblical studies scholarship in the Philippines

The students renounced the formation but did not give up going to church.

Hong Kong may face Bible shortage

China's crackdown on religious minorities continues

Sudanese police arrest two Christians leaders during church Bible study

Charged with violating public order under Article 77 of Sudan’s penal code, they were released on bail the same day.

A Muslim preacher calls the Bible "fiction" and faces 5 months in jail

Under the same blasphemy law, a Christian YouTuber converted from Islam faces up to ten years in prison.

Student faces attacks for reading Bible in Florida school

The boy's parents repeatedly complained to the school about the bullying of their son, but nothing was ever done to protect him.

Thousands of Hungarians demonstrated in support of Päivi Räsänen

The former Finnish minister of defence is facing prosecution after citing the Bible in one of her Twitter posts.

"The Bible is more than just true", according to Jordan Peterson

“Roughly speaking, we have a bedrock of agreement,” he said. “That’s the Bible, by the way.”

Elon Musk says there is "great wisdom" in the teachings of Jesus-Christ

Musk, who was born in South Africa, also said he was baptized as a child and partook in communion.

New Bible translation embraces Native American storytelling

In recent years, there have been multiple efforts by Christians to improve outreach to Native American populations.

Alice Cooper reveals he's a devout Christian who prays and reads Bible"

When he went to the hospital for help and was released Cooper emerged a changed man thanks to his deep spiritual resolve.