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Thousands of Hungarians demonstrated in support of Päivi Räsänen


On the afternoon of the 13th of February, three thousand Hungarians gathered in front of the Finnish Embassy of Budapest to demonstrate solidarity with Päivi Räsänen. The former Finnish minister of defence is facing prosecution after citing the Bible in one of her Twitter posts.

The Finnish prosecutor-general initiated proceedings against the Christian Democrat politician after she questioned the act of the Finnish Lutheran Church, which supported the 2019 Pride Parade. Christians all over Europe are outraged that Räsänen might go to prison for expressing her opinion and defending the teaching of the Christian Church. Thus, Hungarian Christians decided to organise a demonstration the day before the second day of the court hearing to show their support to Räsänen. 

Hungarian Christians in large numbers showed up at the demonstration at the Finnish Embassy in Budapest. The speakers, István László Mészáros, former Vice-Chair of the Human Rights Committee, and Protestant pastor Tamás Márkus, both found it outrageous that in today’s Europe, someone could be condemned because of their Christian faith.

According to Mészáros, the prosecutor-general should have nothing to do with the teaching of the Christian Churches, and she cannot question it in a trial. He also highlighted that the first product of book-printing in Europe was the Bible, which is the basis of European culture. Therefore, by questioning the teaching of the Bible, we also question European civilisation.

Tamás Márkus started his speech with a quote: “We must obey God rather than human beings!” (Acts 5:29)

According to him, “Räsänen said nothing about which the Hungarian Protestant Church disagree. On this basis, any member of the Hungarian Protestant Church could stand before the court.”

Räsänen sent a voice message to the participants of the manifestation. She thanked them for their support and said that she was not alone in the fight but that every Christian was with her to defend their liberty of speech.

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