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Church of Almighty God Refugee Li Yanli Can Remain in Spain

She is able to stay in Spain but others had to leave or were forced back to China.

Israeli police arrest five people for hostile gestures towards Christians

Israeli police on Wednesday arrested five people suspected of spitting towards Christians

Five Christians were arrested during a prayer service in India

The community has long had Christian prayer services on Sundays and other significant days, according to the pastor.

A man was arrested for holding a "God bless the homeless Vets" sign

The man was charged with “holding a ‘parade, procession, or demonstration’ without the Blackshear City Council’s permission.”

Sudanese police arrest two Christians leaders during church Bible study

Charged with violating public order under Article 77 of Sudan’s penal code, they were released on bail the same day.

Polish Pastor arrested for the fifth time in Canada

The court refused him to be released on bail.

Salesians arrested in early November in Ethiopia have been released

The Ethiopian government closely monitors international cooperation organisations, including those linked to the Catholic Church

Man arrested in connection with church vandalism in Cyprus

The 22-year-old was arrested on Saturday and detained for further questioning.

Christian woman, mother of two, arrested in Iran

The authorities confiscated her computer, mobile phone, and several books.

Suspected church attacker arrested in Turkey

On 23rd of May an individual removed a cross from an Armenian church in Istanbul.