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Polish Pastor arrested for the fifth time in Canada

Artur Pawlowski is a pastor from Calgary who, since the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic, has consistently rendered service to his community, regardless of the covid restrictions introduced by the government. For this reason, he was arrested for the fifth time by Canadian services. The court issued a decision in the case of the arrested pastor Artur Pawlowski, considering him a threat to "public safety".


The pastor was detained on February 8, prior to giving a speech to the Freedom Convoy participants. Protests against the repression of the leader of the Protestant community are organized daily under the arrest where Pawlowski is being held.

The court has just decided to block the possibility of releasing Artur Pawlowski on bail, because he allegedly poses a threat to “public safety”.

The case of Pastor Pawlowski is reported on an ongoing basis by the independent Canadian television Rebel News. According to the prisoner’s son, Nathaniel, the harassment of his father by the police is a form of “government vendetta” for his adamant attitude to restricting civil liberties.

One of the arrests of Artur Pawlowski, which we wrote about in May, was in violation of Canadian law, which forbids the arrest of clergy while serving in the temple and on their way home after the service. Returning from Sunday’s assembly, the pastor was stopped on the highway and handcuffed to a police car.


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