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Christian woman, mother of two, arrested in Iran

Malihe is a member of a women’s-only house-church in Tehran known as One Heart. As is common in such arrests, her house was searched. The authorities confiscated her computer, mobile phone, and several books.


Last Tuesday evening, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard arrested a Christian woman living in Tehran named Malihe Nazari. This occurred in addition to the other twelve Christians who were arrested two weeks prior. Dozens more were told they would soon be summoned for questioning, International Christian Concern reported.

She was transported to Evin Prison and has been able to briefly contact her family. Malihe is the mother of two sons, the eldest of which has reportedly been battling cancer.

Despite Iran’s claim to never arrest citizens for their faith, incidents such as this are not uncommon to Christians.

Not only do these arrests infringe on Christians’ rights to practice their faith, but they further endanger already vulnerable families like Mahile’s who may live in poverty or are battling an illness.

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