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A man was arrested for holding a “God bless the homeless Vets” sign

A U.S. Army veteran and former truck driver has filed a lawsuit against a city in Georgia after he was arrested for holding a sign that read “God bless the homeless Vets.”


Jeff Gray filed two lawsuits on Tuesday over being reportedly harassed for carrying the sign, with one suit being against the city of Alpharetta while the other was against Blackshear Police Chief Chris Wright.

The suit against Alpharetta was filed in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, Atlanta Division, and named as defendants Arick Furr and Harold Shoffeitt, both of the Alpharetta Department of Public Safety.

At issue was an incident in which Gray was detained, arrested and charged with allegedly violating the city’s anti-panhandling policy, with Gray being banned from the area.

In 2021, Gray filed a complaint against officials with the city of Moultrie, Georgia, after he was charged with disorderly conduct in 2019 when he walked around city hall with a sign that read “F— City Hall,” according to the Moultrie Observer.


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