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Activists vandalised a church hosting a new year’s eve event

Worship leader and songwriter Sean Feucht has shared photos on social media that show the California church where he was to perform on New Year’s Eve was defaced with explicit graffiti, including “F*** Sean Feucht” and “Queers Bash Back.”


“Last night, bigots spread hate and violence at a church where we are holding a New Year’s Eve event (at City View Church) in San Diego,” the Christian musician who’s well-known for leading outdoor revivals nationwide told his followers on Instagram.

On the wall and property around the church, vandals spray-painted hateful words. “Christofascists not Welcome,” “Sean Feucht Kindly F*** Off,” “Separate Church & State,” “Trans Rights Are Human Rights,” “No Safe Space for Bigots,” “Transphobes out of SD,” “God Loves LGTBQ,” “F*** Christian Nationalists,” and more.

“The police are investigating it as a hate crime,” Feucht wrote, adding, “The enemy making the age old mistake. Persecuting the Church won’t stop the Gospel, it’ll spark a wildfire.”

Feucht spoke to Church Leaders about the vandalism, saying it’s “a fear tactic, it’s intimidation, and you know, we don’t get discouraged when fear comes, we actually get emboldened and this is a chance for the church of California to take a stand to rise up in unity and to say, ‘We’re not going to let persecution, bigotry, hatred, vandalism, stop us from worshiping.’” 

“The church isn’t a building. We’re the bride of Christ and in 2023 we’re rising up like never before,” he added.


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