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Coptic Christian brutally murdered by a known radical

church Egypt

On June 5, a Muslim man randomly attacked a Coptic Christian in a village in Egypt. The Christian man, Abdullah Hosni, was visiting family when his attacker, who had a long history of harassing Christians, knocked him from his motorbike and began hacking at him with a meat cleaver.


The Christian was immediately rushed to a hospital “drenched in blood and with multiple stab wounds.” He spent three days in intensive care but eventually passed away as a result of his injuries, including slashes to his skull. He leaves behind two children.

The local Coptic Christian community was outraged by the murder. A report recorded, “A state of anger prevailed among the village’s Copts, because the perpetrator, Abdullah Hosni, had previously assaulted and always harassed Copts, but no action was ever taken against him.

In response to this incident, the authorities at first considered trying the killer as “mentally ill” after a medical report eventually shown to be forged was submitted by the killer’s family. Further legal proceedings in the case are ongoing.


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