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Egypt President pardons Christian human rights activist

Egyptian President Sisi issued a pardon for a convicted researcher and a rights lawyer on Wednesday

A Coptic Christian woman was violently attacked by a radical Muslim in Egypt

ICC ties this attack to others that have taken place across Egypt in recent months.

The man who stabbed a Coptic priest in Egypt has been sentenced to death

The Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Alexandria declared the murdered priest a martyr.

Coptic Christian brutally murdered by a known radical

Violence like this against Christians in Egypt has increased recently.

A Coptic Christian has been shot over 20 times in Egypt

A second person, Sherif Rashad, sustained a gunshot wound and was transferred to a hospital in Alexandria.

Coptic monasteries left to crumble in Egypt

Several Coptic monasteries in Egypt are facing renovation and reopening issues, including Saint Paul’s monastery near the Red Sea.