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Religious freedom advocates urge Egypt to release imprisoned Christians

Two Christian men have been detained for years without a proper trial for assisting conversion to Christianity

Egyptian officials encouraged abductors of a Christian woman

According to sources, the Muslim Brotherhood is behind the kidnapping of a Coptic Christian woman

Egypt: Convert or starve and die

A Christian father and son were evicted from their business in Egypt

A 23 year old christian woman has been kidnapped in Egypt

Marina from Qena, Egypt has been kidnapped and forced to convert to Islam

A Christian father and his son were killed in Egypt

Tre crime is believed to have been caused by religious hatred.

Coptic Christian brutally murdered by a known radical

Violence like this against Christians in Egypt has increased recently.

Coptic priest stabbed to death in Egypt

Coptic Christians comprise approximately 10% of Egypt’s population, which is primarily Muslim.

98 female judges appointed in Egypt, none of them is Christian

Among the 98 female judges appointed on the 3rd of March, there is no Christian.