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The President of Colombia was brought to court for sharing a Tweet about the Virgin Mary

Iván Duque, the President of Colombia, was brought to trial after sharing a Tweet on his personal Twitter account, in which he expressed his devotion to the Virgin Mary of Chiquinquirá.


In the Tweet of the 9th of July he wrote:

“While respecting the religious liberty in our country, and expressing my faith, today we celebrate the 101st anniversary of recognising the Virgin of Chiquinquirá, as the Patron of Colombia. I pray to her every day for our country.”

In a trial, on the 24th of July he was ordered to remove the Tweet, because, as the President of the country, he offended the religious liberty of the people.

Later, this rulling was revoked by the Supreme Court of Justice, with the following explanation:

“The Supreme Court of Justice admits that president Duque is protected by his fundamental human right to the liberty of expression, as he published the Tweet as a private person”.

But they added that he “has to be very prudent while using his personal social media accounts, to stay neutral as the president of the country”.

According to the 18th article of the Constitution of Colombia, “no one can be molested because of his convictions or his faith, or be obligated to do anything against his convictions”.

The Bishops of the country stood up for the president, noting that, unfortunately, there are several serious juridical incidents that do not get enough attention, and the Supreme Court should rather be concerned about them.

Source: Aciprensa


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