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Norway: a Muslim migrant sets fire to a church

A 28-year-old man whose name has not been revealed in the press (but whose surname indicates that he probably is from the Middle East or Africa) was arrested by the police last Saturday in Dombås for burning two churches.


The man recognised that he was the one responsible for the arson. He said he was enraged by the rumour that a copy of the Koran had been burnt in the town of Kristiansand during a demonstration of the right-wing organisation Stopp Islamiseringen av Norge (Stop to the Islamization of Norway) on the 16th of November last year. It is worth noting that  the rumour has yet to be substantiated.

He therefore decided to take revenge by attempting to burn down a church in Sel on the 20th of February this year. He then set the church of Dombås on fire on the 19th of March. He was placed in pre-trial detention pending trial.


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