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Pakistani Christian couple released from death row granted asylum in Europe

Christians are often targeted by both Pakistan’s blasphemy laws and by violent hardliners.

Children ‘butchered to death’ by Fulani herders in attacks on Christian villages

In one attack last Sunday, suspected armed jihadist herdsmen "butchered to death" 14 Christians, including children.

Muslim radicals burn down Christian widow's reconstructed house in Kenya

The assault was the latest of many instances of persecution of Christians in Uganda that Morning Star News has documented.

Muslims Burn Down Christian Widow’s Reconstructed House

Mother of five fled in 2015 after her husband was killed.

Muslim mob attacks Christian villagers in Pakistan

Fear grips Christian families in Punjab after 200 armed Muslims raided their dwellings.

Pastor Slain after Leading Muslims to Christ at Religious Debate

Father of 11 planted 50 churches in eastern Uganda.

Christian intentionally struck by Muslim

The perpetrator was driven by anti-Christian sentiment.

Muslims Allegedly Poison Pastor over Plans for Church Building

Church leader in Uganda refused to sell land for proposed mosque.

Some Muslims want the land of a Christian family: they attack, loot and destroy

The incident took place in Sarakdanga, a village near Naogaon.

Christian School and Churches Attacked in Nigeria

The situationturned chaotic and violent when unidentified persons attempted to forcefully open the gate of the school.