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Christian intentionally struck by Muslim

Hassan Muwanguzi

A Christian who has long provided aid for persecuted converts from Islam suffered a leg injury when a Muslim motorist intentionally struck him on April 24th, he said.

Hassan Muwanguzi said that after the motorist struck him as he was returning home from Pallisa, passers-by surrounded them, prohibiting the motorist from escaping.

“The mob wanted to beat him, but he shouted, saying, ‘This man has been a trouble-maker to our Islamic religion,’” Muwanguzi said. “Soon, the police arrived and arrested him.”

Some of the onlookers took him to a hospital in Pallisa for treatment.

Muwanguzi has long received threatening messages from Muslims upset with his Christian outreach. One recent one read, “You have been converting Muslims to Christianity. We have been warning you about this several times. But you have refused to heed to our directive, so be ready with whatever action we are going to take.”

The suspect has been released on bail, he said.

“I am still in great pain,” Muwanguzi said. “I need help to buy a little drugs for the leg. I am badly off.”

Source: Morning Star News

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