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Center right wins parliamentary elections in Slovakia

The center-right party of Igor Matovic OLaNO achieved a stunning victory in Slovakia. The opposition Ordinary People and Independent Personalities movement, won 25 percent of the votes.


Since 2006, with a two-year break, Slovakia has been ruled by the left wing Smer-SD. The party received 18,3 percent of the votes, which is still a better result than forecasted in the polls. Interestingly, a coalition of liberal Progressive Slovakia and Together (PS / SPOLU) did not gather enough votes to enter the parliament.

The good result of the opposition is related to public indignation after the murder of a journalist who was tracking corruption in the eurozone. The murder took place in 2018. OLaNO leader promised then that after taking over power he would implement strong anti-corruption procedures.

“Congratulations on winning the election. Good health and good luck,” said Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini to his rival. “He has good marketing, but we’ll see how he can handle his new role,” he added.

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