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Macron wants to “fight Islamic separatism” but “without stigmatizing Muslims”

Speaking in the huge mosque of Mulhouse (Alsace) on February 17, 2020, Emmanuel Macron outlined the basic lines of struggle against what he calls "Islamist separatism," and "radicalization". The French President wants to apply his plan of "Republican reconquista" and also make sure that there is no confusion between terrorism and regular Muslims.


In the initial comments, skepticism prevails as to whether the president has actually outlined a strategy to tackle this urgent problem in France, where the great Muslim minority is imposing its way of life and customs, often in an ostensible way.

One of the leaders of the National Union, Jean Messiha, quoted on the website of the weekly Valeurs Actuelles, said that “Muslim separatism is the result of Islamic colonization.” (…) Unless those who are in power recognize this obvious fact, there is not point to wait for any victory (…), and the Republic’s banner will still be considered a piece of rag by those many who prefer the Algerian, Moroccan, Tunisian or Turkish flag” he explained.

Islam is the second largest religion in France. It is estimated that five to six million Muslims live there which makes it the largest Muslim minority in Europe.

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