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Secular France doesn't take enough care about it's historic churches

In France, all churches built before 1905 are public property for the use of diocesan associations.

A Frenchman will broadcast his own death because he has been refused euthanasia

The terminally ill Frenchman hopes that his "fight" will represent a step towards loosening the law on euthanasia in his country.

Kidnapped French, Iraqi aid workers released after 2 months

The three French citizens and one Iraqi worked for SOS Chretiens d'Orient, which helps persecuted Christians in the region.

Macron's party wants to create "educational centers" for imams

Today, MP's from Macron's liberal ruling party are preparing a 10-point plan of a so-called Republican Reconquista.

Macron wants to "fight Islamic separatism" but "without stigmatizing Muslims"

Emmanuel Macron wants to proceed to a French "reconquista" of the areas that have been taken over by radical Islamism.