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Macron’s party wants to create “educational centers” for imams

The French liberal ruling party LREM came up with the idea of "​​fighting Islamist separatism" by creating" independent formation centers"created by the state. This is the aftermath of the fight against separatism and Islamic communitarism announced by President Macron.


The idea is not new. Under President Sarkozy, some similar attempts were already made to diminish Islamic radicalism by creating an education system for the imams in France. The issue is that most imams are educated abroad, often in centers preaching radical Islam. After such formation, the mosques run by these clergy in France quickly became breeding grounds for “radicalized youngsters”.

It seems clear that the creation of these “republican mosques” and the promotion of “French Islam” is doomed to failure. First of all, it is about differences of particular branches of this religion, and secondly about ethnic and national differences of the Muslims. This shows the fate of the “Muslim Worship Council” (also ​​Sarkozy’s idea), which was to be the representative body of Muslims in France but most importantly an absolute disaster

Today, MP’s from Macron’s liberal ruling party are preparing a 10-point plan of a so-called Republican Reconquista. One of these points concerns the formation of a “republican clergy”. One might make a parallel between this invention an the creation of a “living Church” or “Patriot Priests” in communist Poland.

In France, Francis Chouat of LREM in the department of Essonne became the coordinator of the parliamentary group for taming Islam. It was in this group that the idea of ​​creating a “national Muslim theology school,” was born. The facility is to be “the heart of the theological counter-offensive in the fight against fundamentalisms and rigors as well as any perversions of Islam.”


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