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Light blue kerchief ‘wave’ showing pro-life support spreads in South America

Since thousands of pro-lifers wielding blue kerchiefs recently showed up on the streets of Argentina to protest plans to legalize abortion, a “Light Blue Wave” has been spreading across South America and Latin America.


Over 20,000 marched in Guatemala City earlier this month, forcing the government to drop its plans to legalize abortion in some circumstances. Thousands also gathered in front of the National Congress in the Dominican Republic, waving blue and demanding that plans to legalize abortion be abandoned. And on September 8, pro-lifers took to the streets in Chile, rallying in front of the National Palace to protest a push by socialist and communist politicians and foreign abortion groups to legalize abortion prior to fourteen weeks of pregnancy.

The rally featured Chileans of every age group as well as a “Voice of the Heart” demonstration, where pregnant women wielding bullhorns amplified the heartbeats of their pre-born children for the crowd.

“In Chile, some Members of Congress introduced two new bills that intend to push legal abortion in our country. The abortion lobby never sleeps, and is well organized in the region. But so are we. That is the reason why we made the manifestation [rally] in front of the Presidential Palace, where around 3,000 people showed their disapproval of abortion and asked for more political support for women and their children.” As one of the “pro-lifers”, Francisca Jofre explained the most relevant reasons why her movement, Movimiento de Mujeres Reivindica,  (Women’s Movement Claims)   decided to make a move.  

Source:   Lifesitenews


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