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Pro-life students terrified after being targeted by protestors in Manchester

A group of pro-life students have been verbally abused and threatened at Manchester University

Wisconsin pro-life office set on fire in Molotov cocktail attack

Pro-abortion activists announced their intentions to protest the possibility of overturning Roe last week.

Spanish pro-lifers convinced thousands of women to refrain from abortion

The Redmadre Foundation was established in 2007 under the title "You will never be alone". 

Bishop asks why abortions in England and Wales have reached record levels

The highest number of abortions ever was recorded with 207,384 abortions, - an increase of 6,776 since 2018.

Upcoming vote may open up ‘abortion on demand’ in British territory of Gibraltar

A pro-life petition signed by over 6,000 people convinced the parliament to hold a referendum on the new law.

American governor attacked for issuing day of prayer to end abortion

Nebraska governor was accused of violating 'the freedom of conscience of citizens in the state'

Hungarian bishops defend life on feast of Holy Innocents

Hungarian bishops issued a statement re-confirming Church teaching and the importance of protecting "conceived human life"

New Trump rule makes it harder for Obamacare to fund abortion

The separate billing requirement fulfills Congress' intent to preventing taxpayer funding of abortion coverage

Ecuador march protests abortion, gay marriage

100,000+ people attended march, with theme: “Respect the Constitution, the family and life"