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Spanish pro-lifers convinced thousands of women to refrain from abortion

Eighty-nine per cent of Spanish women who contacted the Spanish Redmadre Foundation ("Mothernetwork") to ask for help, refrained from going ahead with the planned abortion. The Foundation not only supports women in difficult situations but also underscores the lack of adequate support from the state.


More than 30,000 women asked for help from the Redmadre Foundation in 2019. More than half of them were pregnant and wanted to give birth to a child, but they were in a difficult financial situation. Almost ten per cent of them wanted to kill their unborn child. However, after receiving help, the vast majority of these women eventually brought their pregnancy to fruition.

“Every year, the number of women under thirty who ask us for help is increasing. These are mostly women without college or higher education. They have no permanent partner or job. They feel abandoned by the public administration,” says Amaya Azcona, director of the Redmadre Foundation.

She further emphasises that the work of the Foundation would not be possible without its 1,500 volunteers. “They are healthcare professionals, lawyers, psychologists, teachers and students,” enumerates Azcona.

The Redmadre Foundation offers women material help such as milk, diapers, legal and psychological advice, as well as emotional support and help in finding a job.


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