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Javier Milei denounces "bloody abortion agenda" at the World Economic Forum

Milei's speech in Davos comes two months after his election.

Controversial Barbie doll exhibition causes fury

Argentinian artists create a backlash with their controversial Barbie dolls depicting Jesus and Catholic saints

Pope Francis about the persecuted Hungarian jesuit

At the Pope's meeting with Hungarian jesuits, there was a topic the story of father Ferenc Jálics, who was imprisoned in Argentina

Argentina allows gender X on ID cards and passports

The decision follows several controversial changes in the country over the last twelve years. 

Father asks Argentine court to prevent abortion of his child

"Now I hope, please understand, that I just want to give my child the chance to live,” he told AM 1020 radio.

Pro-choice activist dies after getting an abortion in Argentina

Pro-life leader Guadalupe Batallán tweeted Monday that “María del Valle was 23 years old and had her whole life in front of her."

Argentine doctor under attack refusing to perform a late-term abortion

Pro-abortion activists have been active in Argentina over the last months where they have managed to make abortion legal.

Argentine president signed the act legalising abortion

The law in force so far permitted abortion only when the pregnancy was a result of rape or when it put the mother's life at risk.