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Supreme Court allows Northern Ireland's prayer ban in front of abortion clinics

The tendency to limit freedom of religion is on the rise across Western Europe.

Study claiming 95% of women don't regret their abortions has been flawed

It turns out that less than 38% of the women researchers approached agreed to participate in the study.

German court agrees to hear appeal over prayer vigil ban near Planned Parenthood

Censorship of pro-life organisations is on the rise across Europe.

Activists climb Mt. Kilimanjaro to share message pro-life message

As dangerous as the climb may have been, “the most dangerous place on the planet is a mother’s womb,” Castle told LifeSiteNews.

Activists unveil "Pro-Life Flag" uniting global movement against abortion

The Pro-Life Flag Project unveiled the flag on its Twitter page Saturday.

Six pro-lifers arrested inside Ohio abortion centers

There were about ten other activists outside the clinic in Cuyahoga Falls who did not enter the building and were not arrested.

Young Europeans strive to make their continent more pro-life

Europe has some of the most extreme laws on abortion and euthanasia.

Catholic priest and several pro-life activists arrested in New York

The group of activists was accused of "obstructing the activities of the government administration."

Lila Rose urges churches to start pro-life ministries

Rose admitted that "while it's hard to stand up for what is right in a culture that accepts what is wrong, it’s worth it.

Polish pro-life activist sentenced to pay a fine for abortion banners

Dr. Aondo-Akaa the situation he is in as "absurd".