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Chinese persecuted Christian praises her time in jail

“Oh yes, that was a wonderful time,” Sister Tong says about her time in prison.

Pastor spends two weeks in jail after false accusation of personal enrichment

It is common for pastors in Cuba to work alongside their pastoral charge, as the income of parishioners is insufficient.

Chaplain banned from prison work for revealing islamic extremism

A group of Islamic extremists once stormed a chapel service and stole his bible.

Seventy Christians released from jail in Eritrea

Eritrean troops are participating in serious human rights violations and violence that may amount to genocide.

Seventeen inmates have been baptised in Mississippi jail

Hundreds of well-wishers congratulated the inmates on their decision.

Jailed activist banned from reading the Bible while imprisoned in Vietnam

Luong’s family calls on the international community to help him by demanding the prison to respect his rights while incarcerated.

Iran: Christian man was almost sent back to prison, some months after his relese

Ebrahim Firouzi was accused of propaganda against the State.

Vietnamese pastor released after four years in jail

Vietnam’s Communist government suspicious of Christianity, which it associates with former invaders, France and the US.

Cuba released pastor who spent one year in jail for home-schooling his children

The U.S. State Department placed Cuba on its “special watch list” of countries engaging in severe violations of religious freedom.

How a missionary imprisoned in Sudan brought prisoners to Christ

Jasek, a leader who works for Voice of the Martyrs, details his life in prison in his book "ISIS: Faith in the Face of Evil."