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Seventeen inmates have been baptised in Mississippi jail

Covington County Sheriff’s Office in Collins, Mississippi celebrated the baptism of seventeen inmates on the 28th of October. “We hope this is a new start and will change the lives of these and many more,” a Facebook post from the office said.


Attached to the post were two pictures of four women in pink jumpsuits and thirteen men in striped jumpsuits who were baptised.

“It’s wonderful that you all have chosen a new way. Our Lord Jesus Christ will always be there to comfort & take care of you. However, when he answers your prayers, it may not always be what you had in mind. But trust in Him for he is the only Way,” said one. “God moves no matter the location or situation,” commented another.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, former inmate Alfio made an eleven-foot cross that the Hollywood Impact Studios’ prison ministry can use to further their evangelism in the Los Angeles County prison system.

Alfio, who was arrested more than fifty times, said he realised that he needed to “pick a side and chose Jesus-Christ”.


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