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Six Christian women have been jailed in India

The state of Uttar Pradesh is known for the presecution its Chritians endure on a regular basis.

Sudanese pastor sentenced to a month in jail

Pastor Estefanos’ lawyer, Shanabo Awad, told news sources, “This ruling is not fair and my client is innocent.”

Christians have less chance to shortein their jail time

Inmates in Pakistan’s Punjab province can shorten their jail time by taking classes while they’re behind bars.

Pastor jailed in Laos for over one year released

In rural areas, house churches are forced to meet in secret since they are considered “illegal gatherings.”

Seventeen inmates have been baptised in Mississippi jail

Hundreds of well-wishers congratulated the inmates on their decision.

Vietnamese pastor released after four years in jail

Vietnam’s Communist government suspicious of Christianity, which it associates with former invaders, France and the US.

Cuba released pastor who spent one year in jail for home-schooling his children

The U.S. State Department placed Cuba on its “special watch list” of countries engaging in severe violations of religious freedom.

Former prisoner advocates for new church in Pakistani jail

Aslam Pervaviz Sahotra was one of the fourty two people released and acquitted from the same prison on January 29, 2020.


3 years for statements that hurt feelings