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Former prisoner advocates for new church in Pakistani jail

Pakistani Christian leader Aslam Pervaviz Sahotra, wrote a letter to Punjab authorities requesting permission to build a church and baptismal pool for inmates at the Central Jail Lahore.


In his letter sent on March 4, 2020 Sahotra highlights the reformation that jail authorities have in place that allows for Muslim teachers to visit the jail and attempt to assist those imprisoned. There are more than 13 mosques and one large congregation hall that the Muslim prisoners can use.

However, for the nearly two hundred Christians, there is only one church that can only fit twenty five people maximum inside. Therefore, Sahotra is asking for a larger place that would be equipped with a baptismal pool for conversions that take place inside the jail walls.

He concluded his letter assuring that Christians throughout the nation would be grateful to the Punjab authorities  as well as the jail management.


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