Tag: Baptism

Russell Brand baptized in the River Thames

The actor pointed out that the response to his baptism was either supportive or critical.

4,500 people baptised at California beach days

Thousands attended a mass baptism event at Pirate's Cove Beach, California, on Saturday, July 8

Baptisms turn dangerous in South Africa

Christians must find ways to adapt to impacts of climate change, experts say.

Pope Francis: Celebrate the date of your baptism like a birthday

The pope baptized 13 babies in the Sistine Chapel on Sunday.

House church members raided after Easter baptism in China

Pastor Mao and his church have been targeted by the government for his vocal support for religious freedom and Pastor Wang Yi.

Five Christians baptised in Malaysia

Despite persecution and the present inundations that caused a catastrophe in Malaysia, five people converted to Christianity.

Portuguese episcopate suspends baptisms, weddings and confirmations

These new regulations are introduced almost ten months after the first forced quarantine was announced.

Baptism service broken up by police for defying lockdown rules in Great Britain

“The pastor agreed not to proceed with the baptism or the in-person indoor service,” explained a police spokesman.

Seventeen inmates have been baptised in Mississippi jail

Hundreds of well-wishers congratulated the inmates on their decision.

Children that were nearly aborted have been baptised in Spain

Last month, Cardinal Carlos Osoro, the Archbishop of Madrid baptised fourteen children, whose mothers considered abortion.