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Jailed activist banned from reading the Bible while imprisoned in Vietnam

Vietnamese activist and veteran Le Dinh Luong, who was arrested in July 2017 for alleged subversion has been denied the use of the Bible and the Catholic calendar while serving his twenty-year sentence.


According to human rights activist Quynh Dao, a member of Amnesty International Australia, Mr. Luong began a hunger strike on the 4th of October since “the prison limited and even didn’t allow him to use the Bible and the Catholic calendar, violating his religious freedom.”

In addition, the Nam Ha prison environment is toxic, as there have been mining activities nearby which go on day and night. Small particles from burned substance often fly into prison cells. As a result, Mr. Luong’s breathing is obstructed.

He is also banned from using pens and papers, so even though he wants to write letters of grievance, he is unable to do so. The prison continues to silence him by snatching the phone from him during his conversations with his family whenever he criticises the treatment he receives at the prison.


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