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The Communist Party of Vietnam continues its backlash on churches

In Vietnam, Christians are not allowed to work in the state apparatus.

Christian mother and daughter expelled from a Vietnamese village

Local leaders insisted that the woman deny Jesus if she wished to remain in the tribe.

A Vietnamese priest was banned from travelling abroad

According to UCA News, the airport’s public security unit considers the 45-year-old priest a threat to national security.

Hmong Christians suffer daily persecution in Vietnam

Gangs regularly terrorise congregants of Vietnamese Evangelical churches.

A Hmong Christian family has lost citizenship rights due to their faith

Since the expulsion, a child in the family has lost their birth certificate.

Holy Mass interrupted and altar desecrated by Communists in Vietnam

The faithful, shocked by this event, protected the hierarch, who could then resume the celebration, reports the Asia News agency.

The US retreat from Vietnam was followed by a tragedy for local Christians

Like in any other Communist country, Christians were subjected to severe persecutions.

Dominican priest murdered in Vietnam

Father Giuse (Joseph) Trần Ngọc Thanh, O.P., was killed in a knife attack on Saturday, the 29th of January.

The numerous faces of Christian persecution across the world

Persecution goes from disriminatiion in the public sphere to physical violence.

Christmas celebration disrupted by authorities in Vietnam

Vietnamese ethnic minorities with high percentage of Christianity are often subject to harassment for thier faith.