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Eleven imprisoned Christians missing in Vietnam

Eleven Christians are missing from Vietnamese prisons, a US-based rights group says. All eleven of them were imprisoned because of their faith.

In Vietnam, eleven Christians who were imprisoned went missing, says a US-based religious rights group. International Christian Concern (ICC) raised concerns about the whereabouts and condition of the imprisoned Christians. All of them are in prison because of their faith. The six protestants and five Catholic men were given sentences that add up to more than 90 years.

Among the missing men, many of them were arrested because they refused to denounce their faith. It was reported that Sung A Khua’s, one of the inmates entire family was expelled from their village, and their house was destroyed because of adherence to their faith. Another Protestant prisoner, Y Hriam Kpa, was arrested and sentenced because he refused to shut down his church.

The fate of the eleven Christians is still unknown since ICC reported their disappearance on July 5.

Source: Radio Free Asia

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