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Death of another priest saddens the South African Catholic community

Another Cahtolic priest was found dead on April 27 in South Africa.

A priest was shot during his sermon in Myanmar

Gunmen entered the church during service and shot the priest, injuring him seriously.

Bandits kill one Catholic priest, kidnap another

The kidnapped priest is still missing.

Young priest assassinated in Brazil

Fr. Adriano da Silva Barros, parish vicar of São Simão Parish, in Simonésia was found dead on the night of the 14th of October.

Catholic priest was stabbed to death in Italy

The crime took place near the church of Saint Roch, where Fr. Malgesini was serving. An investigation is underway.

A Catholic priest has been murdered in El Salvador

El Salvador is considered one of the most violent countries in the world, with the highest homicide rates.

Priest found dead in his church in Tucumán, Argentina

A priest, Father Oscar Juárez, was found dead on Wednesday 15 July.

Filipino Diocese of Cabanatuan commemorates the death of murdered priest

Father Nilo is one of several priests who have been killed in in 2018 in the Philippines.

Seventy two-year-old priest murdered in Brazil

The stolen mobile phone was traced and thus made it possible for the police to arrest the killer.