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Death of another priest saddens the South African Catholic community

Fr. Paul Tatu Mothobi was found dead in his car on April 27. His body had several gunshot wounds. The identities of the murderers still remain unknown.

The body of Fr. Paul Tatu Mothobi, a Catholic priest in South Africa, was found on April 27. The priest was found in his car on one of the South African national roads, N1. There were several gunshot wounds on the body. The killers of the priest are still unknown.

Fr. Tatu was a member of the Congregation of the Sacred Stigmata of Our Lord Jesus Christ (Stigmatines). He also served as a media and communications officer for the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference (SACBC). The identity of his assailants and the circumstances of his death are still not identified.

On March 13, Father William Banda, a member of the St. Patrick’s Society, was shot dead as well. He was about to celebrate Holy Mass when the attackers killed him.

Bishop Sithembele Sipuka, the SACBC President, expressed his sadness and condolences about the latest events.

The Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference (SACBC) has just heard of the tragic news of the demise of one of our priests based in Pretoria, Fr. Paul Tatu, through a gunshot. Fr. Tatu worked for several years as the SACBC media and communications officer with dedication; we are saddened by his tragic death. We extend our condolences to the Stigmatine congregation, to which he belonged and to his family.”

The Bishops in South Africa raised their voice against the security situation in the country and the recent violent deeds.

It must be noted that the death of Fr. Paul Tatu is not an isolated incident but rather a distressing example of the deteriorating state of security and morality in South Africa. Fr. Tatu’s death occurred soon after another young priest, Fr. William Banda, was shot in cold blood and died soon after in Tzaneen. The murder of these priests occurs amid growing concerns about the increasing disregard for the value of life, where people are wantonly killed.”

Source: Vatican News

Photo: Vatican News

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