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Seventy two-year-old priest murdered in Brazil

Seventy two year-old priest Antônio José Gabriel dos Santos(from the Diocese of Leopoldina in the state of Gerais) was strangled by a twenty one-year-old man who then stole his car among other items.


The priest’s body was not found in the car because the murderer dumped it in the woods near the road. During his interrogation, the perpetrator confessed to murder and theft; he also testified that the money he had stolen from the priest was used for drugs.

Leopoldine Bishop – Edson José Oriolo dos Santos, who took over the diocese in January of this year, expressed his pain and lamented the unfortunate event.

“I feel great sadness at his sudden and violent death. I express solidarity with his family, the faithful of the parish in Santo Antônio do Aventureiro and all his friends. I especially feel sorry for priests serving in the diocese, brothers and friends of Fr. Gabriel, who are saddened by this grim message. We are going through the Easter period, which is why I encourage everyone to reflect on the mystery of Jesus’ suffering, death and resurrection. Let us renew our trust in God’s mercy, which is the great wealth that we have received from Him,” wrote the bishop in a special statement.


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