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A priest was shot during his sermon in Myanmar

Two masked people intruded on the church during a sermon and shot the serving priest three times. The priest, Paul Hkwi Shane Aung, received serious injuries and is under treatment in a hospital.

On Friday morning, during a sermon, two masked gunmen entered the St. Patrick Catholic Church in Kachin state and shot the priest. The parish priest, Paul Hkwi Shane Aung, is now under hospital treatment with serious injuries. He was hit on his hand, thigh and jaw.

A witness said,

“They wore black caps and masks. They fired once while entering through the church door, and then again when they reached the center of the church. Then they approached him and fired a third time.”

The gunmen shot him while preaching and then left the church. They are on the run, and they are still unidentified.

Source: Radio Free Asia

Photo: Jo Naylor

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