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A Swedish Christian teacher was fired following a pronouns dispute

The woke ideology has taken over Sweden in the turn of the century.

A cross was removed from a playground in Berlin

The cross was replaced with an orange cat.

The Spanish Left wants to eliminate all crosses from public spaces

Many Spaniards forget about the atrocities of Communism in the previous century, focusing exclusively on "remains of Francoism."

High school principal suspended for ban on presenting pro-abortion symbol

The decision of the city authorities was announced by the left-wing deputy mayor Małgorzata Moskwa-Wodnicka.

The Mayor of Paris considers Ramadan as "part of French cultural heritage"

At the same time, Christianity is no longer considered as part of the cultural heritage of France, according to the Left.

France: in times of an epidemic, the Left wants to facilitate access to abortion

In the French parliament, attempts have even been made to extend the legal deadline for the killing of unborn babies.

"Without Christianity, we are condemned to failure", says Viktor Orban

Orban considers that the once right-wing EPP now has more in common with the broadly understood modern Left.