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“Without Christianity, we are condemned to failure”, says Viktor Orban

Only a return to conservative and Christian values ​​will give sense to the activities and existence of the European People's Party - says Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. The politician addressed a special memorandum on this matter to partners from the European Parliament sitting in this faction.


He emphasized that only in this way could the EPP be successful.  According to Orban, by abandoning a policy based on Christian values, anti-Marxism or the traditional family model, the EPP is doomed to failure.

In his opinion, what for centuries constituted the strength of Latin civilization today is effectively being replaced by gender ideology, mass migration and cultural Marxism. The Hungarian Prime Minister emphasized that the once right-wing EPP now has more in common with the broadly understood modern left, under the banner of “liberals, socialists or greens.”  

Orban also accused the EPP politicians that, through their erroneous policy, “differences between member states from eastern and western Europe have widened”.  In his memorandum, Orban appealed to the EPP parties to seek allies primarily among the traditionally understood right, and not just the left.




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