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Heart-melting Christmas wishes of Iraqui Christian children

In this video, seventeen Iraqi Christian children, between the ages of eight and twelve describe their Christmas wishes.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán handed over Kádár's villa to Christians

According to estimates by UNICEF, more than five million children need humanitarian aid in Syria alone.

Christmas officially recognised in Iraq

The bill passed just days after the Pope announced plans to travel to Iraq next March.

Iraq celebrates third anniversary of ISIS defeat

The defeat of ISIS in 2017 is celebrated as a national holiday throughout Iraq.

Pope Francis announced visit to Iraq in March

The Vatican announced that Pope Francis plans to go to Iraq in March 2021.

Archbishop of Mosul warns Europe of radical Islamism

“We lost everything in Iraq and the Middle East. And I don’t want France and Europe to lose everything in turn”.

Muslims restore a Catholic church in Mosul, but the Christians have not returned

Young Muslim volunteers helped the cleaning and restoration work of the Syrian Catholic Church of Mar Toma.

Kurdish Christian villages in Iraq are abandoned

Since the beginning of 2020, about five Christian villages have been abandoned, because of the Turkish bombardment. 

Iraq issues stamps with images of Christian churches

The collection contains eight stamps depicting historical churches in Iraq

Iraqi Christian priest nominated for Sakharov Prize

This year, an Iraqi Christian priest was nominated for saving hundreds of manuscripts.