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Pope Francis appealed for interreligious harmony at the birthplace of Abraham

Pope Francis appealed for harmony among the followers of the world’s major monotheistic religions at an interreligious meeting.

A delegation of Hungary Helps Program travelled to Iraq

Like Pope Francis, the delegation of the Hungary Helps Program was not frightened away by terrorists.

Pope Francis will bless desecrated statue of Mary in Iraq

It was decapitated in the Christian village of Karamles, between Mosul and Erbil, during the Islamic State’s occupation.

Iraqi Christians remember 13th anniversary of kidnapping and death of Archbishop

As they prepare to welcome Pope Francis, Iraqi Christians commemorate Paulos Faraj Rahho, Archbishop of Mosul.

Iraqi prime minister: "Iraq is not Iraq without Christians"

The local Christians praised the efforts of the current Iraqi government to protect the nation's cultural and religious pluralism.

Rocket assault in Erbíl – the village is „important to us by many aspect"

Erbíl’ airport got assaulted on the evening of 15th of February. One civil American died, another four got injured, a soldier amon

Capital executions of jihadists after terror attack in Baghdad

Of the prisoners sentenced to death in Iraq, most are IS fighters, but there are also common criminals among them.

Turkey makes no progress investigating the kidnapping of elderly Christians

The abductors are affiliated with the PKK, a Kurdish militant group designated by the US as a terrorist organisation.

Iraqi leader creates committee to revert illegal expropriations from Christians

The intention of the operation is to restore justice and end violations of the property rights of Christians